Diagnosis and Treatment

As a modern clinic, we aim to provide the right care, the right way. Whether its a doctor calling you directly at home or an exam in our clinic, we are here to care for you. It's so simple you could already have made a booking. Let us take the stress out of taking care of yourself.

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  • Skin Issues
  • Sick Notes
  • UTIs
  • Referrals
  • Birth Control
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Colds and Flu
  • Stomach Concerns
  • Fevers
  • Allergies
  • Sexual Health
  • Counselling
  • Asthma
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  • Womans Health
  • and More

There are a few things that require you to be in the same room as the doctor. When these come up, we are happy to make an appointment to see you. We do, however, not offer emergency or urgent care services. If you require these please contact your local urgent care centre or emergency room.

Vancouver Urgent and Primary Care Centres

Our Team

Dr Claire Rawson

Dr. Claire Rawson is the Medical Director of Kariba Health and one of our full time physicians. She qualified in South Africa at the University of Cape Town and has been working in Canada since 2006. She has a wide range of experience including six years working at BC Children’s Hospital and a post graduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Cardiff.


As a nominatee for the "My Family Doctor Award" from the BC College of Family Physicians and with experience in rural and urban medicine, emergency room work and community based family practice, we are proud to have her lead our team. She also provides Botox for treatment of migraine and cosmetics and accepts referrals for dermatology assessment with a special interest in Dermatology.

Reina Imai

Reina Imai is the Primary Medical office assistant and office manager. She has obtained her BA in Psychology from UBC and is currently furthering her studies in the domain of research. She also volunteers at the Centre for Infant Cognition at UBC as well as at BC Children's Hospital. Her aspiration is to become a clinical psychologist working predominantly with youth.


Born in Japan, and raised in Indonesia, she has travelled around the world experiencing many diverse cultures. As the first staff member of the Kariba team, she shares our values and has a strong passion for assisting in providing optimal and ongoing patient care.

Dr Jessica Briggs

Dr. Jessica Briggs is originally from Victoria but has been a resident of Kitsilano for the past 7 years while completing her medical school and residency training at UBC. She is excited to be joining the team at Kariba Health.

Dr Kristine Johnson

Dr. Kristine Johnson obtained her medical degree from UBC prior to completing her residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. She has a diverse set of interests, including women's health, preventative medicine and sports medicine. Outside of work, you can find her running along the seawall and enjoying dinner with friends.

Dr Matthew Schultz

Dr. Matthew Schultz completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Regina and his medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He then continued to move farther west for my Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Alberta. Now he's part of Kariba Health in Vancouver! He looks forward to serving you and your family with an evidence-based, full-scope Family Medicine practice.

Carlee Cater

Carlee Cater is a Registered Nurse who joins us a few days a week. She is available to book to discuss many concerns, like a Kariba Health 811.


Caitlyn Cater

Caitlyn Cater is also a Registered Nurse and helps out with everything from baby checks to immunisations. She will often be who calls you with results.


Tiffany Chiu

Tiffany brings another wonderful enthusiastic voice to our phones and face to the clinic. We are beyond happy to have her on the team.


Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang joins us to help on the phones and around the clinic in general. Look out for her on your next call.



Yes, there are times when you won’t be able to access us directly or immediately, but we hope that this list of healthcare resources can provide a solution for you in these situations. Kariba Health is committed to being your family doctor and providing long term continued care.

What if I need something requiring in-person care?
Kariba Health is committed to providing in-person options which are safe and convenient. While these might seem restrictive, we believe it is in the best interest of staff and patients.
Life Threatening
Do you think you are having a heart attack or stroke? Dial 911 immediately or have someone take you to your closest emergency room.
Urgent Mental Health Issue
We believe that a family doctor is a fantastic way to treat mental health concerns. There might be times, however, when we are unable to address a more urgent need and in those cases, we recommend the fantastic "Access and Assessment centre" at Vancouver General Hospital.
What happens when you are unavailable?
We understand that sometimes things simply can’t wait for you to be seen. If that happens and you choose from one of the many urgent or emergency facilities available, we will acquire all details of treatments you receive. This means we can continute to provide you with the very best longterm care.
Have you broken a leg, need stitches, having an asthma attack? Go to your local urgent care centre.
Lab Results
As your family doctor, we will always discuss any and all lab results with you. We do, however, recommend that all our patients register with MyHealth to view results directly.

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As a team we work to be transparent, efficient and accountable. We ask the same from you as patients as you are an integral part of your health care team. Booking, results, follow up and referrals are all done through our online form. You book your own appointment and choose the reason for the visit at that time. We aim to offer you the best in modern health care.

Cancellation Policy

Our Doctors time is important to us so we ask our patients to give us a minimum of 24 hours for cancellations. Since each booking is reserved exclusively for you, failing to let us know (also known as a "no-show") wastes a slot we could allocate to another patient. We do hope you understand.

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